the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

It’s just right before my very eyes when I entered the bookstore. Yes, I stopped by at that place trying to find a book to read during my time in Bangkok. But, once I saw this book, it made me wonder why it became one of ‘the best seller’ among others. So, I looked closely to the book cover, considered the cover once again. It’s plain and boring! Frankly, that’s what I thought. So, I further read the book name, ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’. What? How was it possible to change someone life just to tidying up? My curiosity urged me to open the book and read. Then, I couldn’t stop reading.

This book is written by a Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo. She was passionate about tidiness, and this finally became her main job. She was very well known by her expertise in tidying house and organizing things referring from her three-month waiting list! OMG! She even innovated her own ‘The KonMari Method’ to help her clients effectively organized their houses so that they would never reorganise again! Last but not least, these tidy houses led to clients’ happiness, weight loss, good health, and beauty! She insisted that most of her clients were happier and had a positive life-changing because they didn’t need to carry the burden of unwanted items. Instead, what’s left, was only things that sparked joy! Once they were surrounded by the loved items, they would be happier, they would have better sight of life target, and they would be energized to reach for it.

It was such an amazing story I’d ever read. I never thought that tidying house could mean that much until I started reading and organizing my stuff. Yes, I felt better and happier. You didn’t need to believe until you got a chance to try. Her method was easy, possible, and reasonable. She explained very clear how and why we would be organized and positive life-changed. It was obvious.

I’m so inspired by her career. Her life is so meaningful because she can turn passion into the job that can improve someone’s life. She would be very happy waking up everyday to fulfil her job. If my writing could do similar, just to make only one person happy and entertain, that would be totally awesome to me! 🙂

Well, I just knew this book was published for quite a while and already translated into Thai version. Though, it’s not to late to read, knowledge lasts.



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