India Story Part 2

It’s been a month since my last visit at India but I still have lots of things to share because there’re so many good things and amazing things to think of. So many people never want to visit India, even my friends, but I really want to. All the rumours we have heard about this country may make us scared to go. However, I totally disagree. You got to see this place. You’ve got to go and experience yourself a little bit like I am. Then, you may fall in love with it. 🙂

During this week, one of my BBA alumni invited me to go to India again for the wedding ceremony which I’d love to. Unfortunately, the India VISA-double entry allows me to go twice but I need to have 2 months gap for my second trip. 😦 I’m so sad. Anyway, I will write about India again. This is what I can do, now.

What I am going to write is just normal things in India but for me, it’s just amazing! 🙂

On The Road
Start with things on the road. There’s a lot to talk about! The roads in New Delhi and connected highways with big cities are very good. But, the roads in other remote cities are very poor. My trip from Jaipur to Jodhpur was 350 km but took nearly 7 hours by car!!!! You could imagine how bad it was. The meaning of roads in India is also different. You can do whatever you want on the roads. To transport, to sell things, to feed the animals, are just the things I saw. Roads are not only for the cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, but also for the animals; cows, buffaloes, pigs, goats, dogs, chickens, ducks, monkeys, donkeys, horses, and camels!! My driver said, it’s a zoo on the road. Yes, I agree. That’s why it’s so traffic jam in India.

The meaning of ‘to transport’ is not limit to driving or going in your own direction correctly, but you can go wherever and whenever you want to. People seemed to do whatever without consider the regulations. I even saw a billboard mentioned about obeying the driving rules so you would be admired! Okay, let’s talk about my experiences. Most of the time when I stuck in the middle of traffic jam, I always noticed some vehicles going in the wrong way, sometimes people just immediately crossed the roads, the trucks were always on fast lane, or the cars just tried their best to get a space on the roads. So, driving in India required so many skills and self-consciousness to get over it.

Well, I don’t forget the most exciting experience on the road. While I was on the fast lane, right lane, my driver tried to answer the phone, so he focused on his phone. At the same time, a big red truck was driving straight to us, in the wrong direction, on the right lane!!!! OMG!! My driver didn’t notice the dipper that the truck used to warn us! That was pretty close for the accident but we were safe. My driver told me you got to have 3 things to drive here; good horn, good brake, and good luck! Oh dear.

At the back of public vehicles and trucks will always have the sentence ‘horn please, dipper at night’. Then, if you are so annoyed the horn used in Vietnam, I think India is worst. It seems so normal sound there. You may annoy first but you will finally get used to it. 😛 Next thing is the number of people traveled with public transportation. I saw some from the Internet but I didn’t think it’s real. While I was on my way to Jodhpur, finally, I did see more than 10 people on the roof of a bus! That’s so amazing!!! I may end this topic with the colour of the cars, they’re mostly white. I asked my driver why and he told me simply because they loved white colour! Okay, I tried to get that. 🙂

Meet The People
India people are nice. They’d like to call you friend, sir, or madam, all the time. They’d like to talk with you. So, it’s very easy to make friends with them. Also, they’d love to take a picture with you. I know this fact very well because so many people wanted to take pictures with me. I felt like a superstar for a whole trip! haha+ I’ve heard that they did that because we’re foreigners and we’re different from them, nothing special I think. 🙂 However, you may find some scams as well, so don’t trust anyone so easily, instead find as much as information and prepare for it. Anyway, you can’t prepare for anything. Sometimes you need to be ready for the unexpected things, then your life will be more exciting! At least, you have a story to tell. 🙂

When you are in India, 80% of people you see are men. And, you will see them working everywhere even feminine jobs like hospitality or clothing business. Women will stay at home and do the home part while men will be responsible for any jobs outside their home. What is so amazing for me is their differences in languages and religions. There’re so many, I said so many, languages and religions in India. People in the North speak differently from the South, East, or West. That is why my driver can speak about 9 languages!!!!!!! Moreover, I noticed so many temples or sacred places in different religions along the trip as well. Last but not least, most of people are vegetarian due to the religion they are. Actually, there’re still so many interesting things which I don’t know. Well, I can’t write all of these if I don’t ask my driver.

Let’s Spend
Money is the big issue here. Many people live below the average poverty line so they will try to do everything to get some money. Due to this reason, scams are so normal for foreigners because they may have more money to spend. Sometimes it’s not that dangerous because they don’t want to harm you, they just want more money. However, the cost of living is not the big deal. You will feel like a rich people while you’re there. I really love to spend there because I can get almost everything cheaper and better; foods, clothes, transportation, accommodations, or attractions’ entry fees. Yeah, it’s so good. I did spend a lot, especially the handcrafts, because the works are so nice, unique, and cheap! Well, my room is filled with India decors right now.

There’re so many things to write about, especially the beauty of nature and historical buildings, but some experiences can’t be told. India is another country I love to go back. So pack your bags, book a flight, and go for it. 😉


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