My First and Official ‘Isan’ Trip in Ubon Ratchathani

I know I’ve been away from wordpress for a while because I’ve really got so many things to do during this new year. Actually, it’s not that too many activities to do but it’s just too many places to go. Travelling in winter is cool for me because of the weather. It also gives me a full charge of battery to start a new year! Well, it’s just the excuses because I’m addicted to travelling. 😀

Isan or the Northeastern region of Thailand is famous for spicy papaya salad, handicraft, country music, and unique cultures. It’s the largest region as well as the most drought area in Thailand. I’ve heard a lot about it but never experienced the real Isan as much as I would. So, it sounds reasonable enough to go, right?


I planned to go to Isan with my sister long time ago. But, we made decision when we noticed the cheap flight to Ubon, this was last year. So when the time came, I nearly forgot the trip.

Ubon Ratchathani is a very large province located in the East of Isan closed to Lao and Cambodia. Actually, It’s the first place in Thailand to see the sunrise. Since there’re so many attractions to explore, so we rented a pickup for this mission.


We started a trip with Man-Lao coffee (ร้านกาแฟหมั่นเหลา) in Warin Chamrap. I loved the interior and also the friendly and service-minded staffs. The taste of coffee is good as well as its chicken noodle. Then we proceeded to Mor-E-Daeng Cliff and Khao Phra Vihan National Park which actually located in Srisaket Province but not that far from Ubon. The clear blue sky and sunshine was really amazed me because all I could see in Hat Yai before I left was cloudy and raining. However, the mountain scene I saw from Mor-E-Daeng Cliff was so beautiful. Next day, we drove to Sirindhorn Dam. The panorama and endless view of the dam was so stunning. We found some local restaurants floating in the dam, so it’s the chance to get closer to the nature. You know, the view around us while we had lunch was so wonderful. I personally could spend a whole day on that floating restaurant. Then, we went to Chongmek, Lao border, to do some shopping. It was so much fun but I liked Rongklear more.

Next day we spent all of the trip along Mekong river starting with Pha Taem National Park. The Mekong river I saw from the view point was overwhelming. Further, I decided to walk along the cliff to see the old rock art which was very amazing. I was so exhausted and thirsty because of the long walk and hot weather. Unfortunately, the new view point found along the way was so much beautiful. I was speechless. Even I was so tired but it’s worthwhile. Then, we drove to Samphanbok, the sandstone in different shapes and holes appeared in the Mekong river during dry season. It’s so exciting and marvellous to see this kind of natural phenomenon.


We stayed at Khong Chiam for a night. It was a lovely and small town with two major rivers, Mekong and Mun river. We tried some local foods, especially the fish from Mekong river. Then, we drove back to the town to visit some temples before flying back to Bangkok to prepare for the upcoming trip!


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