Khao Lak – Tachai, in My Mind

I am so lucky to be born here, in Thailand. Not only there’re so many beautiful places for you to explore, but the cost of living is also cheap. We have plenty of foods and people are so nice. Well, there’s a lot of good things about Thailand but that’s not what I want to tell in this post. 😉


I went to Phang Nga last week. It’s one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand. If you’ve heard about Khao Lak, Similan Islands, Surin Islands, and Tachai Island, yes they’re all in Phang Nga province. Our trip began when one of my best friends flew back from Australia and planned to stay here in Thailand for a few weeks. She got a plan to meet couple of friends by taking a short trip together. Luckily, I was one of her very special friends to meet! So, we agreed to visit Tachai island, or the other name called, the Maldives of Thailand.

I leaf Hat Yai early morning because I was a driver and I needed to pick up my friends at Trang and Krabi before heading to Khao Lak, where we stayed. Khao Lak that day was so different from last year I’d been and probably before the Tsunami. Buildings were flourishing while some Tsunami memorial places remained to remind us how severe the natural disaster was.


Well, next day we booked a one-day trip to Tachai island. I really wanted to go to this island long time ago because of its popularity. However, when I got there, its beauty was under my expectation. The white beach, blue sky, and clear sea were superb but the rest was just okay. There’s nothing much to do except appreciating the white sand and clear blue sea. Other activities like jungle walk, observing hairy legged crab, and snorkelling around the island were just average. But, what made this trip different and interesting was our tour agency, Seastar. I would recommend this agency because we had a very good time with all staffs and tour guide. They were service-minded, cared for us, and gave priority to our safety.

In my opinion, however, it’s one of the most happiest trips of mine because of the time we were together. It doesn’t depend on the most beautiful places or the most fun parties we’ve been, it depends on the people I go with. Well, it probably depends on the purpose of traveling because I’d love to travel alone sometimes. But, this time is different because I travel with my best friends (even I’m not sure they will call me the same!) and it’s very difficult to meet up like we did before. So, taking a trip for just a few day is more than enough to keep our friendship and relationship last long. 🙂



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