My Business Trips: Bangkok and others


Last month, my brother got an idea about family road trip. It’s not only just for a vacation but also a business reason! After I heard him, I did not hesitate to be a part of it, to be a driver (haha). There’re three reasons. First, my mom always bought tours with her friends to many places domestically and internationally. She preferred on the road travelling because she thought it’s safer! So, with this plan, it’s cheaper and she could take a tour with her own plan. Second, our family business relied on middle men. If we could reach suppliers by ourselves, that meant the huge cost saving. With our pick-up truck, it’s possible to find them. Third, I love driving. I love to take trips on the road because I could drive anywhere I wanted. Moreover, every place, every road, every scene I drove pass, never felt the same because they’re always changing.

With all these reasons, our trips on the road has begun!

The first business+casual trip was last month. We drove to Amphawa floating market and spent a night there. Later, we went to Rong-Keau market at Aranyaprated (close to Cambodia). I loved shopping here because it’s cheap. Yes, we stayed there for a night. Next day, we did the first business trip mission. We found the suppliers along the way back to Bangkok. But, we stayed at Salaya instead because it’s close to another suppliers. The next following day, we did the business mission again and finally dropped by at Donwai floating market. Shopping in this market was good because it’s cheap and had organic products. I got a feeling of Central regional market. People were kind and their life was closely related to rivers and rice fields. Hua Hin was the last spot. We spent a night there before we drove back to Hat Yai.

Recent trip was in the beginning of this month. The first day of the trip was so wonderful because we found one of the most delicious restaurants in Chumporn. The taste of that day was always in my mind! Loved every dish we tasted. However, we spent two night in Bangkok. So, I had a chance to take my family to IKEA. I thought they might like it, and they did! We spent a half-day and got a lot of stuffs. Unbelievable, we still had time for a business mission later that day. Next day, we planned to stay in Korat. Before we would do another business mission, I took a short tour around Khao Yai National Park. My family was so exciting about those western style buildings and garden decorations. However, we’re back to Bangkok again after a half-day business activity in Korat. The last day, we aimed to go back to Hat Yai but we couldn’t because of heavy rain. Luckily, we found another great taste restaurants in Surathanee. So, this day was not so tiring and boring because we had an awesome dinner. We stopped at Thungsong for a night before heading back home.

Two trips were counted more than 5,000 kilometers. It’s so exhausted but worthwhile because we could complete all the targets we set. Experiences, creativities, and business opportunities were what we got from these trips.

Next plan is to go back to Korat and also visit Lampang. Let’s see when will we go again!!


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