Penang Once More


It was my second time here but felt much more like the first time. It was because I went to Penang just for a short half-day trip and just for having lunch. So, there’s nothing much I could remember.

Penang and Hat Yai, my hometown, was only a few hundreds kilometres away. It took approximately 3 hours by van, so close and so easy. I heard a lot about this town, especially the street art, the World Heritage town, and the closest/cheapest place where Hat Yai’s parents sent their children to study English. I couldn’t help myself but planned to go there (again) someday.

This trip began in the middle of August while I got an idea to fill in my friend’s vacation plan. So, I had less than a week for preparation. Thanks to the Google Map technology, Internet, and Pantip web board, they helped me a lot for 3 days tours in this town.

My first impression about this town was the old buildings, especially in the World Heritage area. All the buildings were so beautiful! I saw how local people and local government focused and put a lot attention to protect and keep the old buildings like they were before. While I enjoyed taking photos of the buildings, I also enjoyed the street arts. They were all over the town. Not only they were perfect for taking photo scenes but they also provided information about the history of this town to tourists. So, walking and riding in the town was so much fun!

Next thing I loved about this town was the cost of living. As you know, cost of living in Thailand was very cheap, I always expected to spend more while travel abroad. However, this time was different. I could spend my money as I was in Hat Yai. The accommodation, transportation, and food were so good and affordable. Loved it!


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