The Fault in our Stars

I just saw this movie a few hours ago and I could not stop crying until now. We just had a chance to see this movie in Thailand even it was first shown in cinema last month. Well, I didn’t know why and I didn’t care either. My first heard about this movie, it had broke the movie record and got a very good start compared to other big movie during the same launch. So, this was why i really wanted to see it.

This movie was created from the best seller book written by John Green. It was about two people who loved each other but it was not the same as other couple due to their sickness. Both got cancer. They knew the life would come to the end soon. However, they still had chances to do things they loved so why they wasted time depressing and waiting for that day to come? The precious moment didn’t need to take long or last forever but just a short period of time when they were together. This should be enough. A normal person didn’t need to be that special as a famous athlete, a popular celebrity or a great scientist to be remembered by the world but just be a special person and be remembered by the one they loved, that should be enough.

Obiviously, the end of this movie was pretty sad but it’s really worth my tears. It was not only a drama-romance movie with sad scenes, but it also gave me inspiration to move on and live happily.

Since life was too short, we should spend our time wisely on the things we loved, not depression or fear. Disappointment was normal, sometimes, since we couldn’t make the right decision all the time and we didn’t know what’s the future gonna be. Well, no worries, just did our best! Love and support were very crucial fuel to live our life. We could get it anywhere, depended on our ability to see it through. We could get it from anyone, anyone who loved us. This was not limited to a boyfriend/girlfriend but it could be families and friends. Love was all around!

Well, my sad mode is gone now instead it replaces with sleepy mode. I should go to bed soon. So, good night…..


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