When I am sick.

Just a few moment I’ve realized what really happened to me, I saw the blood dropped down the floor. I felt like the broken tap. Well, there’s a lot of blood. I was a bit dizzy, actually. After a while, so many people helped me stopped the bleeding before took me to the hospital.

I’ve got so many stitches, took about 20 minutes for the operation. Well, that’s a big one.

You know, we always know things too late, I mean, you never miss the water til the well runs dry. I realized the cause of my accident after I’ve got one! It’s simply because of the carelessness. I ran up the stairs!!! OMG! I had no idea why I had to run. I had no hurry at all. Poor me.

I have to express my sincere appreciation to my family, friends, lecturers, and so many people for helping me at the uni (scene of the accident) and for wishing me to get better soon (online and offline methods). Next time, I won’t run up the stairs again!


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