Bangkok…never get me bored

I just got back from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, well-known for traffic jams, shopping centers, and cultures.

I am not really sure how foreigners have opinions about this city. It maybe like what I’ve mentioned earlier. However, most of Thais see this city as the centre of everything, especially the place where they can earn some money! They have the hope to get paid more than they could get elsewhere. But, the expenses are very high as well.

I am the one of those ‘most of Thais’. I had a chance to study and work there for a few years. It’s a bit hard to stay there but it’s extremely easy if you had lots of money!! You would be enjoy yourself a lot because there’re so many things to see, to do, to experience, to eat, to drink, and to shop. This was the hardest part, to control yourself not to spend that much! Also, the cost of living was quite high compared to other provinces. So, it’s very important to live there wisely and consciously then you could be happy.

One of the most important thing in Bangkok is its society. It’s totally different from what I’ve ever expected. To get highest earnings, to be promoted, to get a job offered, or even to get a project approval, competition is inevitable. You may have a very good friend or boss on your first working day. Everything is extremely perfect. All the mottos, slogans, or strategies of your company sound great, especially the first day you attend the meeting. Well, your good feelings will not last long enough, I’m sure. You may rarely trust someone except yourself. Whenever people are tempted by money, prestige, title, and good image, they may turn people into someone we don’t know. But, this is a bit exaggerating because you can experience this type of people anywhere, not just in Bangkok.

There are still so many things you can find in Bangkok, nice people, nice temples, and tasty food (but Hat Yai is better!). One of the most favourite things is driving in such traffic jam roads with very fast cars. You really need to have a special skill to drive. If you can drive safely in Bangkok, nothing to worry to drive elsewhere.

Staying in Bangkok for a while really makes me smile (like a poem!) because I still miss this city. I miss the civilisation. So, each day I would plan to go shopping, see concert or musicals, drive to nearby attractions, and meet up my friends. There’s still a lot of things to do. This city never get me bored.


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