Birthday Month!

Hello June!

I think it’s not too late to say happy birthday to me, since my special day was on 3rd of June. Well, I planned to write this on my birthday but I was too busy. I’ve got a very busy schedule with appointments, parties, and trips. Hehe+ Again, I think I can ignore all the trips but I can’t!! Poor me. I love travelling

The reason I want to write about my birthday because this time is different. I never had 4-days-parties in the birthday week before. I never felt so happy seeing all best friends having dinner and chatting on my birthday (and another 3 days) together like this before. I never felt so special spending my time with family for the whole day like this before. I didn’t expect my birthday to be something special, but just the ordinary day. So, I just want to express my feeling how happy I am. Even happiness is occurred in our mind but people around can be the important influence of happiness as well.

Any gifts from you ain’t worth all your thought about me, all your time spent with me, all the support/advices you share with me, and all the good feelings you give to me. I don’t expect everyone to have a good feeling about me all the time, It’s impossible because I’m not that good person and we all have two sides of coin. Well, just considering each other a good part is enough to be a good friend.

The best thing I ever had is I’m surrounded by good people.



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