Getaway at Lipe Island

It’s been a few days since my last post. Well, it’s because I was too busy with my short trip to Lipe, a small island in Satun province, Thailand. I’ve heard about this island long time ago because of its fantastic sea view, clear water, and beautiful coral. Unbelievable, it’s still until today!


Civilisation has changed many natural places into business. Negligent and careless tourists is also the main problem to threaten nature. I have no idea how beautiful Lipe was before but I think this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!


Breakfast was so delicious when I saw the sea because it’s was so clear so I could see the rocks underneath. OMG. I never see any places like this before. Moreover, a man who took care of our accommodation told us that we could do snorkelling in front of this beach to see the giant clam! OMG I could do snorkelling at the sea in front of my accom! (I did snorkelling there after I was back from one day snorkelling trip around Lipe island, and I actually saw the giant clam and so many fishes that couldn’t name them!!!!!!!)

I don’t know what else to tell because it’s really amazing. I really love it there and I am sure I will come back again.Image


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