Me and 2014

Hi there,

This is my second attempt to write the blog.

I always want to do something with my life, especially, just want to write down what I have been through. It’s a lot more fun to read and to think back when I faced those situations. At least, it could remind me all the good and bad time.

Well, this time I just don’t want to record my life and experiences only, however, I plan to do the reviews of the books that I’ve already read. It should be a good thing for me to remind and to learn some good stuffs from them.

This year seems to be the hardest year of my life simply because there’s a lot of things to be done but they are not done yet. The clock is running, can’t imagine how stressful I am. Well, it is not good either to stick with it and spend all my time worrying. Everyone has 24 hours, it depends on how you spend your time in a day. So, I think I should manage my time, just a few minute, to write this blog too.


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